A friend in a far, far away land

Friendships come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. They are established in the most of peculiar situations. I remember when I first ventured in to the world of buying large quantities of items across the seas from China. For me the process was tedious and as you can imagine very nerve wrecking.

I became obsessed with the vetting process of the companies I considered doing business with. The idea that I would lose a significant amount of money scared me to death! Nevertheless I found a company that was able to fulfill my order. Alas, I thought I was done…

A few days after I placed my order I received a message through my WhatsApp from a number beginning with +86. I had sent countless inquires that one had responded with an offer for the item I needed. Included with pictures and pricing the unknown sender asked if I was still interested. I explained that I had already placed an order and boldly told her that the mask she offered was fake. (They indeed were not I learned later. A knee jerk reaction due to the experience that I had with other sellers.) She responded with, “You dont have to buy it, but dont say that!)

After hundreds of conversations online with suppliers, her response seemed so real to me. We continued in conversation and found a lot of common ground. She actually traded like I did and we began to share our daily frustrations etc.

The day came when I had a misunderstanding with the supplier of my order, which amount to close to a million dollars, and I was having a panic attack! I wanted to respond in some not so nice ways to the supplier because I felt that they were not being understanding. I sent my friend a WhatsApp message and vented a few words. She immediately said, I will call for you now and find out what is going on.. Now she already is a very busy business woman and could not believe she did that for me!

She then called me and explained the situation which was caused by misinterpretation of a message that was sent. That night I slept in peace because I felt like I had someone on my side and was not alone… That comfort was a luxury for me and I was forever thankful.

Till this day, we are amazing friends that call each other to talk and encourage each other during those difficult days. There are days that I am having such a bad day, that speaking with her gives me comfort and she does the same. That is my story of a friend I met in a land far, far away!

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